Jumping the Bandwagon

ShareI like the Boston Celtics (I know that’s taboo to say that in Philly) but last year when the Miami Heat were in the NBA Finals I was rooting for them to win but I wasn’t jumping on their band wagon. Liking another team and jumping on the bandwagon are two separate things. I liked …

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Intimacy Options

ShareCan a relationship last and stay intimate without having sex? This is something that many teens deal with today.  Growing up with a steady partner, most people feel that if you have established a level of comfort with your mate then sex should not be a problem.  However that is not always the case! Does it make …

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You Can Make It Here If You’re Willing To Try

ShareLast night Barack Obama closed the 2012 election with some choice words, saying, “A long campaign is over and whether I’ve earned your vote or not I have listened to you… The task of perfecting our union moves forward. It moves forward because of you.” The election shows us that our vote as Americans was …

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When it rains, it pours!

ShareLife isn’t short.  Life is long, especially if you make bad decisions! One of the most crippling decisions our community consistently makes is the decision to sacrifice long term happiness for today’s pleasures. And then tomorrow comes. When we live today like it’s our last, we over-spend our money on things that we don’t need. …

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“We Need More!” Black History…That Is

Share    This great country of America is seen as a success story for many people. So, why are some of the stories which have constructed the fabric of the nation not fully shared? In other words, why is African American history only stressed or taught in the month of February and not part of …

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Career Planning for the Future

Share    When thinking of a possible career, think of things that you love to do. Also, think of the possible occupations (jobs) that fall under what you love to do. It’s also a good idea to keep your options open and have multiple career interests, just in case one doesn’t work out. For example, …

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What Do You Believe In?

Share    What do I believe in? I believe that there is one God. Is he/she Allah, Jesus, or Jehovah? Well, that’s anyone’s guess. Growing up in a Baptist church, going to Catholic school, and living in a city that has the highest Muslim population than any American city, it can get really confusing what …

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Putting An End To Bullying

Share  Each year, there are more than 3.7 million youth who engage in some form of bullying, and another 3.2 million who are victims of being bullied. Bullying isn’t just normal physical abuse. Bullying can also be in the form of verbal abuse or social abuse. Name calling, intimidation, and destroying relationships are all alternate …

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Moving Beyond Rejection

Share    We all have experienced rejection before. It’s something that we all have in common. At some point in our lives, we were rejected and it felt as though the wind was taken from beneath our wings. However, rejection isn’t the only thing we have in common. We kept going and decided in our …

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She Can Be Your Motivation

Share      Women who are empowered should motivate more men to become strong-willed and strong-minded. Let’s take African American women, for example, who in my perspective are the most powerful and influential species in the world. Not to mention they outweigh African American men in college degrees by more than 50 percent. However, we …

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